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About: Lael Hazan

I love to eat, write, talk, blog, teach; and think about FOOD. My husband Giuliano and I run a cooking school near Verona Italy and teach about Italian food. I was fortunate to have Marcella Hazan was my mother-in-law. In addition to being an award winning freelance writer for multiple outlets, I assist Allegrini Estates with their social media projects.

Recent Posts by Lael Hazan

Cruise to Paradise with Giuliano Hazan

Join us, May 26th 2018 for this 11 night cruise to paradise, full of fun, frolic, and excellent Italian food. Extraordinarily low pricing begins at $5,871.00 per person and includes round trip airfare from Los Angeles.

Marcella Hazan and her favorite beans

The Marcella bean has gotten great press, including a feature in the New York Times. In our house we prepare them in multiple ways, and Giuliano often uses them in recipes that he teaches to our students. Perhaps my favorite preparation is the first way I remember Marcella serving beans. Simple and delicious, so that the flavor of the bean was the center of the dish, the recipe, known as Assunta’s Beans came out of Victor’s request to eat a dish they had not tasted in 45 years.

Vincent Price, James Beard, and Halloween?

The James Beard House will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the publication of A Treasury of Great Recipes by Mary and Vincent Price. Noted chefs who have had an affiliation with or who were influenced by Vincent have been asked to cook at what will be a spectacular event. Giuliano Hazan, was asked by, Vincent’s daughter, Victoria Price, to participate. She said that late in life, when Vincent was ailing of emphysema and food wasn’t giving him that much pleasure, he greatly enjoyed a risotto Giuliano had cooked for him when he visited the family in Italy.

Tortelloni, a Love Offering

In our house, filled pasta is a dish to look forward to and, often made for celebrations. It isn’t as difficult as one might believe, but it takes time and patience and is well worth the effort. Soft pillows of pasta coated in a delicious tomato sauce, is the ultimate showing of love from a partner. Nothing can compare to eating food that is created with love and care from one’s companion.

Rapini or Broccoli Rabe Sauteed with Olive Oil and Garlic and the joys of Guest Chefing

Giuliano is often asked to be a “guest” chef at charity dinners. These are events that we like to support and Giuliano travels around the United States creating such dinners.  […]


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