Wrangham-Catching Fire (2)-1

CATCHING FIRE,  How cooking made us Human, by Richard Wrangham is rightly taking the food world by storm.  Well researched and documented, the bibliography alone is thirty pages long, it is also an engaging read.  The book itself begs to be read in a group format.  While reading, I kept wanting to discuss passages with the author or fellow readers.  Astonishingly, no other writer has previously advocated the importance of how cooking effected the nutritional quality of food; therefore, enabling human beings to evolve.

Not only does Dr. Wrangham detail the evolution of human kind in terms of our understanding of fire, he also gives historical examples throughout the book.  He takes on the trendy raw food community as well as the fast food chemically processed nation.  He argues that eating calories that are too easy to digest is now a bigger problem for many than getting enough food.  His is a clarion call to gain understanding of how food is actually processed in our systems.

Catching fire, is definitely a book that will be talked about.  It is a must for any foodies library.