Just in time to celebrate New Years, we are thrilled to announce that Fruit of the Boot and Loison are sponsoring another giveaway!

In Italy Panettone, Italian Celebration Cakes, are a specialty of the season and eaten at both Christmas and New Years.  Perhaps our family’s favorite panettone is the one infused with Maculan’s sweet Torcolato dessert wine.  This is a sweet cake that is infused with what Florence Fabricant of the New York Times called Italy’s sweet secret.  Torcolato means twisted, and the grapes are dried on corkscrew holders that hang from the ceiling.  The flavor is a beautiful balance of rich and sweet making the cake elegant and celebratory. Every year Loison makes a limited number of these panettoni and they are reserved primarily for the Maculan estate.

This year, they are making available one of these precious, not usually available to the public, panettoni, for you.  In addition, they are including their book, Mille e un Panettone (A Thousand and One Panettone).  In this book you will find the various legends about the origins of panettone.   It also discusses how to properly taste a panettone and includes some ingenious recipes.  Written in both Italian and English it is perfect for any Italophile.

Retail Value of this giveaway:  $90 plus shipping

Duration of this giveaway:  December 21-28th.

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We are pleased to let you know that Becky of Deep Muck Big Rake won this giveaway.  Here is a link to her wonderful blog and photos of her WIN!