Delicious and easy to make Hazelnut ice cream

Sometimes the hot sticky heat of summer just makes me want to go nutty.  This recipe for Hazelnut Gelato gives relief to the heat as well as the desire to get out of the ordinary rut of flavor.  Although finding the hazelnut paste may be a bit of a challenge, it is certainly worth it.  As all of you who love Nutella (Giuliano has a recipe for nutella gelato in his most recent book, Hazan Family Favorites) know, this can become a passion.

We were lucky, a friend of ours from Italy, Lorella Cappellato, brought the paste back for us.  However, it can also be found on L’Epicerie.  We recently served it to friends for a dinner in our home.  We found it to be an elegant yet fun way to finish the evening.  We served it with a chocolate sauce and our guests were so thrilled that it stopped the conversation and people were reduced to saying “yum”.

Like all gelati, this recipe is so easy, you will wonder why you go out to purchase ice cream.  Of course, the best way to eat it is just made.  The consistency is perfect and the experience is of pure joy.  However, this gelato can also easily keep.  We made the recipe on Sunday and served it Tuesday evening.

hazelnut gelato in mixer

Hazelnut Ice Cream

Gelato di Nocciole

Yields 1 quart

2 cups whole milk

½ cup hazelnut paste

4 egg yolks

1/3 cup sugar

  1. Put the milk in  small sauce pan over medium heat and heat until steam rises when stirred, but do not bring to a boil. Add the hazelnut paste and stir well until it is dissolved.
  2. While the milk is heating, whip the egg yolks and sugar in an electric mixer until pale yellow ribbons are formed.
  3. Transfer the milk and hazelnut mixture to a container with a spout (such as a Pyrex measuring cup). Pour the milk slowly into the egg and sugar mixture while running the mixer at low speed until all the milk has been added. Transfer to an ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturers instructions.