My father-in-law, Victor perhaps had too much chicken as a child, because he will happily go the rest of his life without eating it.  It is the opposite for Marcella, who loves it, but out of deference to Victor, rarely makes it in her own home.  We recently had them over to celebrate her 88th birthday, and chicken was what we served my famous mother-in-law, Marcella Hazan. Out of deference to Victor we made a primo of pasta, of which he happily consumed multiple portions.

The lunch kicks off a celebratory week.  Giuliano’s new book, HAZAN FAMILY FAVORITES has just been published and he will be a guest on THE TODAY SHOW, on May 3rd.  He usually appears between 9:00 & 10:00 am.  Our daughters, to keep their father’s head on straight, call him the filler; however, he was bumped only once, and that was for Michelle Obama’s inaugural gown.  On the Today Show he will be making recipes from the new book, a baklava recipe and Mahshi (stuffed cabbage). A recipe handed down from Giuliano’s grandmother.  We are very proud of this book.  Thanks to his publisher, Stewart Tabori & Chang, it is beautifully done and is almost a coffee table book.  It is also eminently readable and useable.  These are the foods Giuliano remembers from childhood and the ones we eat now.  They are as varied as they are delicious. On Thursday May 10th, just in time for Mother’s Day, will be purchase on Amazon day.  So… if you are thinking of getting the book that way, we would greatly appreciate it if you would buy it then.  Thanks.

This grilled marinated Chicken Breast recipe is in the new book.  It is a casual dish that solves the problem of dried out chicken.  Marinating it with lemon starts the cooking process and actually reduces the time on the grill.  The breasts come out succulent and flavorful, wonderful for all of us in the rest of the family who enjoy chicken.  It is also gluten free and good for those who are trying to cut red meat from their diet.  It is a terrific dish for the upcoming barbecueing season!