Giuliano’s Classic Italian Tomato Sauce

Giuliano’s Classic Italian Tomato Sauce is made in small batches with imported D.O.P. San Marzano tomatoes. It is the sweet luscious tomato sauce that was Giuliano’s favorite as a child. “As powerful as Proust’s Madeleine, my mother’s sauce unfailingly elicits feelings of comfort and well-being.” Vegetarian and gluten free, this delicious sauce is made with just four ingredients: tomatoes, onion, butter, and sea salt. Its rich, concentrated flavor makes one jar more than enough for a pound of pasta. It is also delicious served with meats, vegetables, and seafood.  Shrimp or scallops are wonderful cooked in the sauce. Heat half a jar of sauce in a pan and when it begins to bubble add a pound of peeled shrimp or scallops. Cook until seafood is done, usually just a few minutes, and serve.

Available in specialty gourmet shops or online at Corti Brothers. You can also order a case of 6 with free ground shipping here.