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Pasta alla Busara, Marcella Hazan’s Pasta with Lobster

The recipe we’ve chosen is Pasta alla Busara, from Marcella Cucina. It exemplifies Marcella’s unaffected style: wonderfully pure, simple flavors, which are easy to put together creating something magnificently delicious.

You say Prosciutto and I say Jamon

In springtime, it was traditional to see some of these prosciutti wheeled out on drying racks so they could catch the sweet air. Now, in the times of regulation, the prosciutti, especially the ones exported to the US, must only dry inside the factory.

Table Conversation

How can you sit down to dinner and express no interest in the dishes set before you, in their taste, their preparation, in how they compare with what you may have had a day or a year before?

A proud mother of my son

It was tremendously moving to see my son cooking on national television a dish of my mother’s that has been part of my food memories forever.

Culinary Vandalism as Creativity or…. then you do something more.

The craft of cooking is not only practicable at home, it was born in the home.

Fava Beans at their Best

there were some blanched, peeled favas left over and they went into a quick sauce for homemade tagliatelle, sautéed in butter with a hunk of prosciutto ground very fine and whipping cream.

Fresh Isn’t Always Necessarily Better: Canned Tuna vs. Fresh

Fresh tuna, a bland, almost neutral-tasting meat can’t compare with the irresistible flavor of good Mediterranean tuna packed in olive oil.

Cooking Still Matters

No comparable collection of recipes has ever before been brought so fully to life, so respectfully executed, so minutely illustrated, and so usefully commented by such a collection of genuine cooks

Goodbye Espresso Machine

Many may be surprised to learn that it’s not the least like dust dissolved in hot water. It can be delicious, if you learn how to use the Moka. It’s not pushbutton coffee, it requires judgment to do well.

Marcella responds to Modernist Cuisine and Marcus Aurelius

Why does Cooking need to be defended? Isn’t it only about food? It isn’t only about food the way love isn’t only about sex.


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