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Chocolate Custard with an Italian Twist of Amaretti Cookies

The only hard part in this recipe is waiting for it to cool. If we aren’t careful, we often will see smudge marks on the top where our youngest daughter has “checked” to see if it was ready yet. However, this is not just a children’s dessert, it is an elegant ending to an adult meal.

Panettone with Dessert Wine Giveaway

In Italy Panettone, Italian Celebration Cakes, are a specialty of the season and eaten at both Christmas and New Years. Perhaps our family’s favorite panettone is the one infused with Maculan’s sweet Torcolato dessert wine. This year, they are making available one of these precious, not usually available to the public, panettoni, for you. In addition, they are including their book, Mille e un Panettone (A Thousand and One Panettone).

Panettone Giveaway

If you don’t win the giveaway, you can still get the Loison products onlne at Life Style.  However, Loison wants to give you an opportunity of tasting panettone for yourself and are sponsoring a giveaway of their products.


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