As the gondola slips through the liquid streets of Venice, the silence is broken only by the gondolier’s call as he approaches a corner.  It is undoubtedly one the best ways to experience Venice.  The art of voga alla veneta the Venetian rowing style – standing up, facing forward –  is unique and a respected skill passed proudly from father to son. Recently, a group of women have joined the ranks of the Venetian Regattieri, and while honoring tradition, they have taken their place among the Venetian rowing champions.

All the world knows the image of the Venetian gondolier, but few people notice the unique style of rowing he uses to thread his gondola through narrow canals or propel it across the bacino and lagoon beyond: the voga alla veneta. Whether practiced for sport or leisure, it’s a vital activity that connects today’s Venice with its very origins.

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