Most would agree that PR is hard and that to get your brand known, a giveaway is often very useful.  This is a great giveaway where everyone will win.  Grand prize is a Cuisinart ice cream maker, first prize is a fantastic Silpat, second prize is an insulated grocery tote and everyone who enters can get a coupon to try Safest Choice eggs for free.  Why are we hosting such a great giveaway? Well… 2010 was an abysmal marketing year for eggs.  Salmonella and eggs were in the news constantly and people were wary about conventially produced eggs.  At about that time, I wrote an article for the Huffington Post comparing the flavor of eggs.  Although we found that a fresh egg plucked from the nest was amazing, we found that pretty much all the other convential eggs tasted the same.  An egg is a perfect flavor conveyor: it tastes exactly like what the chicken ate.  Whether cage free, brown, or conventional, if bought at the grocery store, they tend to all be very similar.  So… we thought, if we aren’t ready to raise chickens, why not try pasteurized eggs?  They taste very similar to conventional eggs, actually due to part of their process they taste fresher and are able to last longer; and although they are a bit more difficult to whip, adding cream of tartar is all that is needed and they obliviate the concern of salmonella contamination.  This is good for everyone, and especially good for people like me with cancer or immune deficiency difficulties.

Giuliano was so impressed with the Safest Choice brand of pasteurized eggs that he was willing to become a paid spokesperson for them.  He has recently done some commercials for them, one of which received the coveted Telly award, and in his travels he teaches recipes using their eggs.  They have been gracious enough to sponsor this giveaway on our blog. They are happy to send anyone who writes in the comment section, I give permission, a coupon so that you can try the safest choice brand of pasteurized eggs for free.  Once you’ve written in the comment section, I will send your e-mail to them and they will contact you for your address.  In addition, they are sponsoring this giveaway of amazing prizes.

GRAND PRIZE:  (1) One 2x Cuisinart ICE-30BC Pure Indulgence 2-Quart Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Sorbet, and Ice Cream maker & 3 coupons for free eggs

FIRST PRIZE:   (1) One Silpat Non-Stick Baking Mat, 11 5/8 x 16 1/2-inches, Half Sheet Size & (1) One Safest Choice spatula  & 3 coupons for free eggs

SECOND PRIZE: White insulated grocery tote (w/ red circle P) filled with Safest Choice goodies; spatula, recipe cards

All approved entrys will receive a coupon for a free one dozen Safest Choice Eggs.


Giveaway dates:  April 17- April 26.

Official rules and methods to enter:

To enter the giveaway, please scroll to the bottom of the page and write I GIVE PERMISSION in the comment section.



This is where we get to put in all of those lovely legal disclaimers.  Our intent with this give-a-way is pure enjoyment.   Safest Choice Pasturiezed Egg’s is responsible for the shipping and product and we assume no liability.  We aren’t lawyers and we think it is sad that we need to put in disclaimers; however, it is our intent to conform to all U.S. rules and to only offer the possibility of the product to people who will personally enjoy it.  Basically, if something “bad” happens, we are sorry but don’t hold us liable, we enjoyed the product and are trying to give you an opportunity to do so too!  If you are out to “get” us, please stop and think of what kind of world you are creating.

No purchase necessary to enter or win.  Entrants can enter twice but will only recieve one coupon or prize. Extra entries can be obtained once per social media outlet (tweeting (please put @educatedpalate in your tweets so we will know), facebooking, or “sharing”) with a trackback to this post are fine but one first must write “I give permission” on this post. Give-a-way is open only to those who are 18 years of age at time of entry and have a US address. Educated Palate and Hazan Enterprises assumes no responsibility for late or misdirected entries due to SPAM, technological, or e-mail filtering issues or for lost prizes. The use of any system, robot, agent, or software to automatically submit entries in connection with this Giveaway is prohibited.  Educated Palate’s decisions concerning all matters related to this sweepstakes are final. Anyone who writes I give permission and fits the criteria in the allotted amount of time wins. Hazan Enterprises employees and their immediate family members are not eligible to win.  Winner grants to Educated Palate and Safest Choice Eggs, the right to use his/her name and biographical information in advertising and promotion without compensation or permission.  Any tax, is the sole responsibility of the winner. By entering the giveaway through this website you are releasing Educated Palate, Safest Choice Eggs, and Hazan Enterprises from any liability arising out of participation in this Giveaway or the acceptance, use, or misuse of the prize. Void where prohibited by law.