Sometimes it is nice to change even the most traditional dishes, and that’s how these truffle cheese scrambled eggs were created. Although we adore our girls, there are times when it is nice just to be the two of us.  We were reminded of this again when both girls had sleepovers at friend’s homes.  We woke up late on a Sunday morning and didn’t have to rush anywhere.  We were able to enjoy each other’s company like the, still in love, married couple that we are.  I made these easy eggs with Sottocenere truffle cheese and Giuliano pronounced them delicious.

Recently, at one of our hands-on Italian cooking classes in our home in Sarasota Florida, we served some Sottocenere – Italian truffle cheese – during the break we take to taste interesting Italian cheeses and meats.  Sottocenere literally means “under cinders”.  I don’t know why, but Giuliano hates it when I call it “under soot”, he prefers “under ash”.  It is a soft cow’s milk cheese from the Veneto region and has a mild creamy flavor.  The rind is covered in grey ash that not only acts as a preservative but also adds subtle flavors. The magnificence of this cheese is in the black truffles that fleck it throughout.  Served at room temperature, the aroma is elegant and intoxicating.

We were lucky enough to have some of the cheese leftover after the class so I decided to use it to enrich our romantic Sunday morning eggs.  We like to use relatively few ingredients but the best possible.  The only spice I used dried oregano from Sicily.  The aroma was fabulous!