We are very proud to announce that this video of Giuliano’s Chocolate Custard with an Italian twist won the coveted Telly Award.  The video was created by Caputo Creative for Safest Choice Pasteurized Eggs, a company for which Giuliano acts as spokesperson.

The recipe is a luscious chocolate dessert with Amaretti cookies that is a wonderful ending to the perfect Italian meal.  The recipe is a favorite with our family and we sometimes teach it at our cooking school in Italy.  It is a satisfying dessert that will keep for several days in the refrigerator.


The only hard part in this recipe is waiting for it to cool.  If we aren’t careful, we often will see smudge marks on the top where our youngest daughter has “checked” to see if it was ready yet.   However, this is not just a children’s dessert, it is an elegant ending to an adult meal.  The semisweet chocolate and the amaretti cookies make for a dish that is for a sophisticated palate.  Although our youngest would correctly say that her palate has been educated enough to enjoy anything with dark chocolate.