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Lucid instructions and Technology of an App

This new app of Giuliano gives the lucid kind of instructions that made that first book famous, and does it, thanks to the technology, so much more dramatically. It’s like having him cook alongside you.

Artichoke Risotto: Risotto ai Carciofi

Creating artichoke risotto can be a bit intimidating. The artichokes need to be trimmed properly and at first the technique can be a bit daunting. No worries, just a bit of practice is needed. We like to use the small artichokes that in our stores come in packets. They are more tender than the big globe artichokes and are easier to trim.

Chocolate Custard with an Italian Twist of Amaretti Cookies

The only hard part in this recipe is waiting for it to cool. If we aren’t careful, we often will see smudge marks on the top where our youngest daughter has “checked” to see if it was ready yet. However, this is not just a children’s dessert, it is an elegant ending to an adult meal.

Spaghetti with Melon: A Luscious Summer Pasta

My mother-in-law, Marcella Hazan, started making this cantaloupe pasta dish at home and now Giuliano often makes it when we have friends over. Once it is cooked, the melon is mostly unrecognizable and it’s great fun seeing if people can guess what the sauce’s “secret” ingredient is. The freshness of the dish is soothing on a hot evening and takes full advantage of the bounty of summer.

Bolognese Lasagne

Lasagne makers are often judged on how many layers than can create. Five or six layers are considered the minimum for acceptability. Ooh’s and ahh’s occur the higher they go. For my birthday celebration, Giuliano created a spectacular 9-layer lasagne!

The Easy Way to Finely Chop an Onion

You can quickly and easily very finely dice an onion with only two cuts. A horizontal cut is not necessary as long as your lengthwise cuts follow the shape of the onion and resemble the spokes of a cartwheel. The important thing is to make all your cuts close together.

Peeling a Raw Pepper

There are two reasons why Italians peel peppers.  The first is that the skin is tough no matter how long the pepper is cooked.  The second, and more important, is […]

Giuliano Shows You How to Make Homemade Pasta

Pasta making authority Giuliano Hazan shows you how easy it is to make homemade pasta dough

Spaghetti with Melon on Daytime

Giuliano makes spaghetti with melon on Daytime

Making Penne all'Arrabbiata on Daytime


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