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What foods do you fancy? The Winter Fancy Food Show

what made this convention so exciting for us was that all those booths were focused on FOOD, specifically ways of marketing or bringing to market specialty food products from all over the world.  Almost 1,500 exhibiters showed more than 80,000 food products.  Importers met with producers and buyers sampled the newest products.

Marcella Hazan and her favorite beans

The Marcella bean has gotten great press, including a feature in the New York Times. In our house we prepare them in multiple ways, and Giuliano often uses them in recipes that he teaches to our students. Perhaps my favorite preparation is the first way I remember Marcella serving beans. Simple and delicious, so that the flavor of the bean was the center of the dish, the recipe, known as Assunta’s Beans came out of Victor’s request to eat a dish they had not tasted in 45 years.

You say Prosciutto and I say Jamon

In springtime, it was traditional to see some of these prosciutti wheeled out on drying racks so they could catch the sweet air. Now, in the times of regulation, the prosciutti, especially the ones exported to the US, must only dry inside the factory.

Marrying Technology and Food: Crowd Funding for an enhanced e-book

We are looking forward to making Giuliano’s new CLASSIC PASTA COOKBOOK a community project and hope you will join in venturing into a new world that combines authentic Italian cooking with cutting edge, user friendly technology.


It is impossible to quantify exactly how many kinds of cheese there are in the world. Once discovered, the humankind went wild for cheese. Easily transportable, it became valued for its taste, shelf life, and protein content. The elite vied to import their favorite flavors, and each variety developed a legend.

Lucid instructions and Technology of an App

This new app of Giuliano gives the lucid kind of instructions that made that first book famous, and does it, thanks to the technology, so much more dramatically. It’s like having him cook alongside you.

Fettuccine with Zucchini in a Saffron Cream Sauce and our new Ipad App

The secret of Fettuccine with Zucchini and Saffron is to cut the zucchini into sticks thin enough and cook them long enough to release their rich sweet flavor. In the app, Giuliano shows in his video how and why this works so well.

Fresh Peas and drawing out the flavor

The most sublime dish that uses fresh peas is vignarola, the Roman vegetable braise that also includes artichokes and fava beans.

Artichoke Risotto: Risotto ai Carciofi

Creating artichoke risotto can be a bit intimidating. The artichokes need to be trimmed properly and at first the technique can be a bit daunting. No worries, just a bit of practice is needed. We like to use the small artichokes that in our stores come in packets. They are more tender than the big globe artichokes and are easier to trim.

Goodbye Espresso Machine

Many may be surprised to learn that it’s not the least like dust dissolved in hot water. It can be delicious, if you learn how to use the Moka. It’s not pushbutton coffee, it requires judgment to do well.


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