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You say Prosciutto and I say Jamon

In springtime, it was traditional to see some of these prosciutti wheeled out on drying racks so they could catch the sweet air. Now, in the times of regulation, the prosciutti, especially the ones exported to the US, must only dry inside the factory.

Grilled Marinated Chicken Breast and The Today Show

(Grilled and Marinated Chicken) is a casual dish that solves the problem of dried out chicken. Marinating it with lemon starts the cooking process and actually reduces the time on the grill. The breasts come out succulent and flavorful, wonderful for all of us in the rest of the family who enjoy chicken.

Beef Tenderloin on a Salt Block

After only a few minutes we had the most delectable, mouth watering, perfectly seasoned meat.

Short Ribs Braised with Tomatoes and Potatoes Recipe

These fork-tender, succulent short ribs are the perfect antidote to a cold winter’s day. By the end the potatoes become partly mashed, and together with the tomatoes form a wonderful thick sauce.

Salmon in a Pouch Recipe and a hands on Cooking Class

Although salmon is not a native Italian fish, and is rarely seen on restaurant menus in Italy, it lends itself well to Italian preparations. In this recipe, it is baked in a pouch, which is an easy and forgiving way to cook fish, ensuring it will turn out moist and flavorful. The presentation is impressive and your guests will ooh and ahh both when the y see it as well as when they taste it.

Holiday Rack of Lamb Recipe

This elegant rack of lamb is delectable yet easy to prepare. It is an ideal recipe for when you want to impress your guests without being chained to the kitchen for hours.

Veal Scalloppine with Truffles

The following day, Giuliano decided to top veal scaloppini with shavings of the black truffle. Lael was a bit apprehensive, not sure that the meat would carry the truffle flavor. She quickly changed her mind with the first bite. The delicate flavor of the scaloppini highlighted the earthy qualities of the black truffle. The thin overlapping truffle shavings on top of the succulent still warm meat exuded an aroma that brought all to the table immediately.

Fried Bay Scallop Recipe

The children fed the donkey, played archery, and biked around the neighborhood without need for supervision. I don’t think I saw a Nintendo or electronic gadget from either the kids or parents for the whole weekend. It was a perfect, relaxing, getaway.

Italian Meatball Recipe and the results of a meat taste test

The verdict was positive. The meat had a rich flavor and a firm texture that spoke of the place where it was raised: much like a wine, its terror.

Recipe for Grouper Salmoriglio and a Review of Andrea’s Restaurant in Sarasota

Andrea oversees his kingdom with pride. He visits each table at least once during dinner, wanting to know the diners’ thoughts on his creations and eagerly explaining how he prepared an item. He is in his element if he discovers that a wine connoisseur is in the house. A native of Piedmont, home to some of the most prestigious wines in Italy, Andrea has a magnificent cellar and an impressive collection of Barolos. He literally leaps from the kitchen to assist patrons in choosing the wine that will flawlessly pair with their food.


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