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Rapini or Broccoli Rabe Sauteed with Olive Oil and Garlic and the joys of Guest Chefing

Giuliano is often asked to be a “guest” chef at charity dinners. These are events that we like to support and Giuliano travels around the United States creating such dinners.  […]

Pesto: The Taste Of Spring

The beauty of pesto is that it is easily freezable which makes it available at anytime. But to me, it is the quintessential spring dish. We tend to eat it in the traditional manner, just the pasta with a few boiled green beans and sliced potatoes; however, it is great as a primo, first dish, during an Easter Feast.


The wines bacari dispense by the glass are of the kind Italy excels in making: very young, light-bodied, exuberantly grapey, inexpensive and deliciously gulpable. Many are produced in the Veneto itself, including the most popular white, the fresh, soft, and gently sparkling Prosecco, and the most popular red, Merlot, produced in a simple, tenderly fruity style.

Veal Scalloppine with Truffles

The following day, Giuliano decided to top veal scaloppini with shavings of the black truffle. Lael was a bit apprehensive, not sure that the meat would carry the truffle flavor. She quickly changed her mind with the first bite. The delicate flavor of the scaloppini highlighted the earthy qualities of the black truffle. The thin overlapping truffle shavings on top of the succulent still warm meat exuded an aroma that brought all to the table immediately.

Gallura Restaurant in Olbia Sardinia

How to describe the flavor of Rita’s food? Intense, yet subtle; penetrating, yet gentle; surprising, yet comforting; fragrant, aromatic, surging from deeper sources of savor than anyone else seems to have tapped.

Recipe for Grouper Salmoriglio and a Review of Andrea’s Restaurant in Sarasota

Andrea oversees his kingdom with pride. He visits each table at least once during dinner, wanting to know the diners’ thoughts on his creations and eagerly explaining how he prepared an item. He is in his element if he discovers that a wine connoisseur is in the house. A native of Piedmont, home to some of the most prestigious wines in Italy, Andrea has a magnificent cellar and an impressive collection of Barolos. He literally leaps from the kitchen to assist patrons in choosing the wine that will flawlessly pair with their food.

Poppy Seattle, a Restaurant Review

Poppy is a must experience restaurant. The food is made with care and the passion that goes into the creation of the recipes is apparent. The entire experience is one of relaxation, unpretention, and ease. When you go, you will gain taste memories that will last forever.


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