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Decadent Dark Chocolate Gelato

The intense velvety texture of this gelato evokes reminiscences of Venice. You will likely have no leftovers, only a lovely magical memory, much like a visit to Venice herself.

Italian Baby Back Ribs

You may not think that ribs are an Italian dish, but they are definitely part of northern Italy’s culinary repertoire.

Uncooked Sauce: A recipe for Spaghetti alla Checca

This is a sauce for which you either harvest your own well loved tomatoes or purchase them from a local farmers market. No watery, flavorless tomatoes will do here.

A Magical Venetian Day with a recipe for Fried Zucchini Blossoms

In Italy eating is of supreme importance and a cardinal rule is that local food is the best and freshest. Therefore, anything nostrano “ours”, is more expensive and desirable than anything imported. In Venice, local fish is more prized than anything else.


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