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Pasta alla Busara, Marcella Hazan’s Pasta with Lobster

The recipe we’ve chosen is Pasta alla Busara, from Marcella Cucina. It exemplifies Marcella’s unaffected style: wonderfully pure, simple flavors, which are easy to put together creating something magnificently delicious.

A dessert wine of Devotion for Valentines Day, Giovanni Allegrini Recioto Valpolicella Classico D.O.C.G

Deep ruby red in color, the Giovanni Allegrini is the perfect wine to express ones’ devotion and love during a Valentine’s Day celebration. The creation of this wine takes forethought, time, and dedication. Like true devotion, it is not easy. Nature does not always cooperate and there are years that this wine cannot be made; however, the truly devoted persevere and plan for the long term.

You say Prosciutto and I say Jamon

In springtime, it was traditional to see some of these prosciutti wheeled out on drying racks so they could catch the sweet air. Now, in the times of regulation, the prosciutti, especially the ones exported to the US, must only dry inside the factory.

Lucid instructions and Technology of an App

This new app of Giuliano gives the lucid kind of instructions that made that first book famous, and does it, thanks to the technology, so much more dramatically. It’s like having him cook alongside you.

Grilled Marinated Chicken Breast and The Today Show

(Grilled and Marinated Chicken) is a casual dish that solves the problem of dried out chicken. Marinating it with lemon starts the cooking process and actually reduces the time on the grill. The breasts come out succulent and flavorful, wonderful for all of us in the rest of the family who enjoy chicken.

Beef Tenderloin on a Salt Block

After only a few minutes we had the most delectable, mouth watering, perfectly seasoned meat.

Easy Truffle Cheese Scrambled Eggs

We woke up late on a Sunday morning and didn’t have to rush anywhere. We were able to enjoy each other’s company like the old, still in love, married couple that we are. I made these Easy sottocenre eggs for Giuliano and he pronounced them delicious.

Marcella responds to Modernist Cuisine and Marcus Aurelius

Why does Cooking need to be defended? Isn’t it only about food? It isn’t only about food the way love isn’t only about sex.

Deconstructing the language of Food: Colman Andrew’s biography of Ferran Adria

Cooking well is like the telling use of language: Expression must be vigorous, clear, concise. There can be no unnecessary ingredient or unnecessary step. A dish may be complex, but every component, every procedure, must count. …Do not arbitrarily shuffle the vocabulary of one cuisine with that of another to make your cooking (original). There is no more use for use for such a hybrid than there was for Esperanto.

Too hot to handle: A review of CATCHING FIRE

He takes on the trendy raw food community as well as the fast food chemically processed nation. He argues that eating calories that are too easy to digest is now a bigger problem for many than getting enough food. His is a clarion call to gain understanding of how food is actually processed in our systems.


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