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Culinary Vandalism as Creativity or…. then you do something more.

The craft of cooking is not only practicable at home, it was born in the home.

Cheese on Pasta with Fish

Recently, one of Marcella’s facebook friends asked. Marcella, can you answer the age-old question as to why Italians do not put cheese on pasta with fish? (or on any fish […]

Cooking with Olive Oil

The smoke point for good quality EVOO is around 200o C, which is more than hot enough for frying. The interesting thing is that the cheap oil you are recommending has a lower smoke point than EVOO. …Do you know what really matters in the end? It’s how the food you cook tastes. There is no more powerful agent for good flavor than genuine EVOO.

The Medici Archive

The name Medici is intertwined with Florence.  It is a name that connotes intrigue, romance and drama.  The family members, ruling as the Grand Dukes of Tuscany, were inspired patrons […]


The wines bacari dispense by the glass are of the kind Italy excels in making: very young, light-bodied, exuberantly grapey, inexpensive and deliciously gulpable. Many are produced in the Veneto itself, including the most popular white, the fresh, soft, and gently sparkling Prosecco, and the most popular red, Merlot, produced in a simple, tenderly fruity style.

Italian Ceramics

Italian pottery is prized for its beauty and individuality. Many people have heard of Deruta wear but there are so many other designs that are both historic and beautiful. In our house we use a classic ceramic design from the region of Giuliano’s family in Emilia Romangia.

The Easy Way to Finely Chop an Onion

You can quickly and easily very finely dice an onion with only two cuts. A horizontal cut is not necessary as long as your lengthwise cuts follow the shape of the onion and resemble the spokes of a cartwheel. The important thing is to make all your cuts close together.

Honoring Venetian Traditions and Looking Towards the Future

The art of voga alla veneta the Venetian rowing style – standing up, facing forward – is unique and rowing the gondola is a respected craft passed proudly from father to son throughout the generations. Recently, a group of women have joined the ranks of the Venetian Regattieri, and while honoring tradition, they have taken their place among the Venetian rowing champions.

Peeling a Raw Pepper

There are two reasons why Italians peel peppers.  The first is that the skin is tough no matter how long the pepper is cooked.  The second, and more important, is […]

Giuliano Shows You How to Make Homemade Pasta

Pasta making authority Giuliano Hazan shows you how easy it is to make homemade pasta dough


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